Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Better than a Happy Ending

I had a roommate in college who refused to watch romantic movies if she new they had a happy ending. I always thought that it was ridiculous and part of her tortured artist persona but for her, they just didn’t seem realistic. “Love is not a fairy-tale,” she would say. These movies were the very reason women like me couldn’t find contentment in relationships.

Now I am not sure if that was the whole truth but I definitely have to admit a tendency toward high expectations. It’s not like I expect price charming to come sauntering up to me on a big white steed or to have a love life filled with wine and roses.

Believe me at this point, I feel like if I get out of an evening without a minor disaster, I am ahead of the curve. I may not have found my soul mate yet but I have picket up a dating merit-badge or two and plenty of stories that range from the absurd to the truly unbelievable. Hopefully enough to be entertaining if not educational.

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