Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bucket List

This morning I got the following message from V:

So I was thinking of you last night, which started with me thinking about my bucket list and then I moved on to yours and started thinking yours probably kicks mine's ass. So if you're looking for something to write...I wanna see your bucket list but in grocery store list format, please.”

First, let me tell you what I told V, which is I don’t believe in bucket lists.

They imply we should live one way and then cram in these other moments to make our lives feel valid. I think we should live our whole lives like an impromptu bucket list. You know, jump at the moments that stand out as life changing, not pass up on anything.

For this reason I don’t have a very lengthy bucket list. I have done a lot of what I want to do now and what I want to do tomorrow will probably change with who I am then. But since V requested and he rarely asks anything of me, here you go, in grocery list format, the things I plan to do in coming years.

  • Buy a motorcycle and ride it up PCH
  • Study at the ashram in Jackson Hole
  • Live in Bali, Alaska and Africa (where is not decided)
  • Become a certified Yoga instructor
  • Work as and advocate for assault victims.
  • Record a country album with lots of twang and songs about momma, guns, cheatin’ ex-boyfriends and of course, my dog (which I guess means I need to get one)
  • Own a dog
  • Campaign for a candidate I really believe in (I will let you know when I find one)
  • See my best friend get married to a guy who loves and respects her and who will adore my god daughter
  • Spend more time with my grand parents.
  • See one of these freakin’ books get published
  • Take my parents to Europe

That about sums it up for today. Tomorrow it might be different. But V didn’t give me specifics.

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