Saturday, February 6, 2010

The F-Bomb Trouble

Wow. Stirring up the drama. All the way from Florida.

I get these google alerts, 'cause I am a shallow twit who wants to see every time her name is listed in print, and I got one today from the Midtown Miscreant, who made a little mention of my F-bomb in INK in an article he wrote about the failings of our local news.

Truth is, I couldn't agree with him more and more importantly either could my mother.

"She could have left the F-word out."

"Mom, she could have left a lot out; I am pretty sure that was one of the many times I said 'Now don't actually print this but...' Lesson learned."

I document at nauseam the dialogues and ramblings of parents and cohorts. I do my best to represent them accurately in time and place but I am realizing perhaps I don't consider the depth to which they might be read out of context.

An hour long rap session with a reporter who made me comfortable enough to chat like she was one of the girls proved this to me. You switch some sentences around and I can sound like an even bigger dumb ass than I already am, my concern with which about sent my ex-boyfriend/friend into an epileptic seizure from excessive laughter.

"The irony here is so thick."

I do wax philosophic about dating dilemmas. That is my thing. Look at the title. But in the great big light of day I try to maintain a certain level of professionalism, which at this point is all but shot to hell and not because of some article. I suppose the least I could do is extend the same courtesy to those I write about.

Hmm....but how???


Mikki said...

Hey, followed your blog through INKKCs twitter page.

And now i have to go re-read the article bc i apparently missed the Fbomb....

eh, everyone says it i dont see the big deal but thats just me.

Midtown Miscreant said...

I never miss an eff bomb, probably because I drop them so liberally myself. Like you I have alerts whenever my blog is hyper linked.
I really didn't mean what I said as a jab at you. I just can't stand Ink.
You seem to be one of the rare people who actually make this blogging thing work. Good for you.