Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just a spoon full of...

Growing up, Grandma always let us have one spoonful of ice cream before dinner. Now, between you, me and Grandma, the spoon was a ladle. We weren't exactly a family of moderation.

When it comes to men, I tend to be a lot like Grandma and her ladle. I say I am going to cheat on my fast just a little, an innocent spoonful and before you know it I am getting texts from presumptuous young men that say, "Let's make the sex."

I have to say, there is never a time in a relationship when that is okay. Maybe, when you are 90 and time isn't on your side but even then it is most definitely not okay to follow it up with, "I am busy. No time to beat around the bush. Pun intended."

Because when you go that far, you don't stop to think that statements like, "No? Fine. Your loss is my waste basket's gain" might make the woman you are pursuing feel as cheap as the single ply kleenex that will most likely be your only date for some time.

See dating is fine. Even misbehaving is good for the soul - in small spoon-like doses. But I am not whippin' out the ladle anytime soon and I sure as hell am not a one stop ice cream shop.

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