Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So what are we supposed to do when the ugly is gone?

Chick flicks, evening TV and the music of pretty much every genre has long-since been dedicated to exploring the vengeance of the brokenhearted.

But what are we supposed to do when it's gone, when the thought of running into an ex lover no longer induces waves of nausea and you are just fine?

I went for a run tonight - okay a mild jog but let's not judge - and my ipod shuffle regaled me with the tunes of pissed off females and males alike, complaining about those who weren't that into them or those great loves that got away.

So I am asking - and that is not a hypothetical, I really want to know - what are we supposed to do when all that crap is gone and we are okay?

I guess I want to know because I have never known anyone who felt like this. For as long as I can remember it was always about looking for the next great love and if you weren't than it wasn't because you were happy on your own but because you were somehow emotionally stinted.

Where in the history of TV has there ever been a show about someone who was content just as they are? As humans we are always hungry, searching for the next great thing.

And I am not sure if this is generational or American or female or what.

I just want to know, where are the images of contentment and how do I hold onto it just a little bit longer?


m.v. said...

wow,nice blog, how did I get here. I wonder if the feeling of being happy by yourself is 100% real.I am kinda in the same place, maybe even better because I have a kid but still there are times when I don't feel all that great. It's not about sex or whatever,more about being lonely.Rarely but it still happens.Maybe that's why there are no shows about it.

bigBADbobby said...

There *are* shows about it... turn your face to the sun with eyes closed, inhale through your nose and hum on the exhale... put your hands on your heart and walk with a smile on your face, self-actualized and content, though always vigilant for an opportunity to learn or discovery or take the leap once again... just in case.

OK, you're right, there are no shows like that.