Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lunch Break Rebuttal

So Tony's Kansas City wrote a post about my blog: http://www.tonyskansascity.com/2009/10/for-better-or-worse-most-hot-women-in.html

I don't have much time but here are my thoughts.

Tony, Tony, Tony.

I think you missed my point.

While I appreciate that you not only wrote about my blog, but that you used the word “great” – and let’s face it, there isn’t a woman or man out there that doesn’t enjoy a little flattery - I am not sure what to think of your sardonic summation.

Maybe, what I take issue with is that fact that you said that extremely hot broads are “mostly” unsure of themselves – (although again, I’ve got to admit, I dig the “extremely hot” part. Shameless, I know.)

I think the thing that we all need to come to terms with is that we are ALL a little unsure of ourselves. It is not just a chick thing, not an issue of attractiveness or socio-economic hierarchy. It is just reality.

We all have the parts of ourselves that make us a little uneasy, particularly when it comes to the opposite sex. Things that jiggle, things that sag, things that may be smaller or larger than preferred. Not to mention the wide array of possible personality defects.

And I am not going to get into a big PC thing about the societal pressures and whatnot – it has been covered. (Except to say that I went to buy my three year-old god-daughter a Barbie recently, and dear god, Barbie is a slut.)

Maybe we have all just gotten a little detached from reality and what real beauty truly is. So we try too hard or self-deprecate more than we probably should.

The most machismo, Ed Hardy wearing, pseudo-stud is probably an ex-band geek with an over-bite.

I am not judging. I LOVE me an ex-band geek.

But just because we have moments when we are scared, are a little more insecure than we would ever admit outside the safety of our best friends’ living rooms, we aren’t weak. Our self-esteem hasn't been shot to hell.

We aren’t somehow less than. We are human. And that is awesome.

I am pretty tough on the men in my life and even harder on myself but maybe what this whole thing should teach us is to just ease up. Let's enjoy the fact that chances are the cute guy across the bar is on some level just as freaked out as you are.

And the blogger on the other side of the city might be excited to learn that even “extremely hot” ladies are looking for a nice guy who see them the way the sometimes struggle to see themselves - and they will do the same for him.


bigBADbobby said...

That's just Tony's shtick. He rarely reads any of the comments generated on his blog, he knows that he writes (mostly) for the trolls, and banks on the fact that other readers (non-trolls) will do their job to feed the hungry trolls.

He's picked me up several times and I often send him news that I encounter about town. On one of those good, need-to-smack-someone-with-verbosity kinda days, I've engaged the web trolls, enjoyed the witty clubbing, and then retired with a nice, tasty beverage.

I take Tony just as you have; his post is a compliment. ;-)

BTW, I think we have some mutual friends in the real world that are shared friends in the online world.

Chat me up sometime and we'll trade stories.

JOCOeveryman said...

I'm sure Tony is thrilled called him out. Anyway just found your blog. Like it.