Monday, January 11, 2010

Ahh! Me as Dalton Trumbo


It has been a crazy week and weekend and for the first time in what feels like weeks instead of days I have had time to sit, in my favorite spot (the tub), with my Mac propped up on a table next to me (not smart, I know) and write about my day.

Preparing for the show has been more consuming than I thought, not just in time but in brain power. I have no energy left to feel glib.

But I am feeling good right now, Dasani in hand, thrilled to have the most supportive family and friends in the world. Counting down the days till not so sunny Florida and some time to do just this - be alone with my thoughts and my muse and hopefully come up with something great.

We'll see.

Until then I will just say that my friend Kira kicks ass. She is probably cooler than you and I am sorry about that but if you come to my show you will see why.

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