Monday, January 18, 2010

I cried

I haven't cried in a while. Not the good hard kind of cry that cleans the system, the cry that I enjoy for the solitary reason that it makes me feel alive.

I bawled tonight. I finished watching "Julie and Julia" and I just bawled. It touched me in a way that nothing else in a while has.

It wasn't because it was superb film making - it was decent enough, I thuroughly enjoyed the movie but it was the love.

I don't think we get enough examples of rich deep love, the love of people who still adore each other after decades of marriage, or who stand by each other through the rough times.

We watch stories of conflict - conflict, after all is entertaining, but to watch a story where a husband deeply loves his wife and she him, well that just made me cry.

Sometimes I feel like I am over all of this, the fast, the 'me' time. I think that having someone to share my life with might not be so bad.

I watch people who love each other, just as they are, and I think, that, that is what life is about.

I cried a lot tonight, in a way I haven't in quite sometime. It felt good. It felt like the end of something, though what that is I am not quite sure.

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Robert Zamees said...

Fair bit of this going around lately, at least for me. Caught the end of "Finding Forrester" the other morning and the parallels flooded my ducts... writing about life, a man so often used that he decided to hide from the world, found eventually by a true-heart--a friend that understood the meaning of giving and receiving--and was strong enough to risk returning to the world.