Sunday, January 10, 2010

My mommy is the bestest

My mom has made multiple mentions in the last few months that I don't write about her in my blog that much.

Admittedly this is true, but I haven't had much to say. That sounds bad. What I mean is there is no drama there, no real story or hook.

All I could really say was that I didn't think she liked my blog that much but I have explored that topic before (and with new fervor in the live version).

I think part of the problem is that we haven't had much time to bond. We are both busy - and happy - and without a real catastrophe or heap of drama there hasn't been a ton to discuss.

"How are you?" "Great." "How are you?" "Great."

A good problem to have but I think we were both aching for a little mother - daughter time.

On Friday, I had a mild panic attack. Not a real, full out, blast from the past type attack but a 'oh shit' even if I have time to do everything I need to in the next week - which I don't - I don't know that my brain will survive it. Melt down seemed eminent and I wanted to curl up and hide. I wanted my mommy.

I sent her a text around one o'clock saying, "Do you want to come up and help your only child for the weekend." She immediatly agreed. She is a damn good mommy.

When she called on Saturday morning in the middle of my frazzled technical conundrum, I wondered if close proximaty to another human being was really such a good idea.

I tend to turn into a hermit crab when I am working. But mom came. And she had a focused plan of attack, an agenda to accomplish what I am not so sure.

I cannot remember the last time I have worked as hard as we did this weekend. From 2-2 and 8-11 we talked about little but the show.

It was so much fun! It felt like a true team effort. Mom even posed for leg shot (I keep telling her she could do leg modeling but she isn't biting). It reminded me of trying to put puzzles together as a kid.

I kept saying over and over again how glad and thankful I was that she was there although it didn't feel like I could say it enough. It was the type of effusive gushing that is typically reserved for getting the staring role or making a big play or having one of those "hands down, the best night of my life" nights.

I had my mommy. For 48 hours, it was team us, and we kicked ass.

I was sad she had to go.

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Josh said...

Next show, I'm going to help you prep your tech stuff. :)

Or not, if you want to work in this manner in the future.