Monday, January 25, 2010

They're having a baby!

I just found out that two of my best friends from college, are
pregnant. Well more specifically, she is pregnant but he's the dad.

I know this sounds crazy but I knew!

I haven't talked to them since last summer. They are the type of
amazing friends where event though we don't talk that often I know I
could drop in on them tomorrow and it would be like no time ever

They were next door neighbors in the apartment building where I spent
most of my more blurry evenings camped out on her couch. We were all
friends and when they fell in love it took me by surprise.

But it just made sense. He adores her. She is amazing. And their
wedding was just as beautiful as they are.

I love them so much and a couple of weeks ago I started thinking about
how I hadn't talked to them in a while. I was really missing then and
I just thought, I think they are going to have a baby.

It was like my first moment of psychic intuition ever, even though I
guess it isn't that psychic since she is pretty far along.

They are having a baby!!!! Oh my god we are grown ups. Well, they
are grown ups. It is just the most amazing news!

Lyndsey Ogle

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