Monday, January 4, 2010

And I am sticking my tongue out too!

V left me. 


I am pouting.  He has gone and left me alone on a Monday night.  How dare he?  Is Thailand really so much cooler than me????


Okay, it probably is, but the thought of two months without not-so-gay-gay-best-friend chat, PBR and waffle fries makes me a little dismayed.  Who else can I snort in front of or berate for being too damn nice?


I told him I was going to have to find a new guy to date, get dumped by, become best-friends with, get into huge fights with only to not speak to for weeks at a time and make up in a disgustingly sappy manner that makes all of our other friends sick.  And I told him I was going to do this all while he was gone.  


I am in desperate need of a substitute- substitute man in my life.


That will show him for going off to explore far off lands! So there. (And yes, I really did just stomp my foot.)

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