Monday, December 21, 2009

Again my apologies

Seriously. It is difficult enough to lead a full and productive life without wearing yourself into the ground, let alone trying to find time to write about it.

I really appreciate that people read my blog. It would be pretty self-indulgent just to write it for myself and I forget that I have a certain level of obligation to get stuff up in a timely manner.

My friends and family, however, keep me reminding me of this.

"It has been 11 days since a new piece on the man fast. Sad face."

Damn those task masters.

I promise I have not abandoned the blogosphere. I just haven't been parked in front of my computer much lately.

Actually, I have been writing even more than usual on content for The Man Fast. It is just that the content has been for my show, The Man Fast, which will be held January 15-17 in the Crossroads. I guess I could post the musings here but then how could I encourage people to traipse out in the cold of mid-January to see me perform it live?

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