Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Days of Christmas

I have really been trying to get into the holiday season. V and I did up the tree I have soaked in several hours worth of holiday films and have started spiking my cocoa with peppermint. The only thing missing is my advent calendar. I get one every year but haven't managed to find one I like yet this year.

When I was little my parents once gave me one that had multiple windows for everyday and as you opened it, it read Merry Christmas in a different language and there was a picture of something identified with a regions traditions and the stories behind them.

I wish I still had it. It was my favorite.

I am trying this year but I have yet to fill the spirit. Maybe if I sit in front of my tree and its seizure inducing twinkle lights I might find what I am looking for. Till then I thought I would share another holiday tradition - My version of "Oh, Holy Night" - my mom's favorite Christmas song. Listen to it here.

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