Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Jury is Deadlocked

A few days ago I posted a simple question, "How young is too young?" You would have thought I opened up the world's greatest political debate.

I had responses coming in from all directions. Comments on my blog, text messages from my friends, vehement instructions from my mother and a few good jokes from my dad.

"How young is too young?" I asked V.

"In what context?" he replied. "I have a sliding scale. I think 10 years total. My measurement is 3 years older 7 years younger."

"I think I would have to reverse that."

"Oh're a girl."

"Well you only say that so you can date toddlers, you perv."

"23 is not toddler...19 is toddler..."

"Umm… 23 thinks Uggs are still acceptable and has a sorostitute tattoo on her ass. 23 is not acceptable - not when you are 30. Whore."

"You would date a guy 7 years older right?

"Probably not."

"Damn. Well the fact that I would date a 23 year old...doesn't mean a 23 year old would date me..."

"Sure, she would. She is a slut."

"Then we wouldn't be dating... We would be extra friendly all the time."


Later I asked one of my best girlfriends T, "How young is too young to date?"


"For me. How young?"


"Seriously? Then when does it start to get pervy?"



"18-20 is too young."

"I AM 27!!!"

"Yep. 21 would be the youngest, I think."



"I am freaking out about a 24 year old."

At which point T started to die with laughter. "That is only a few years. That is just silly."

"Seriously. 24 is too young. I fell like a pedophile."

When I told my mom the story her first reaction was, "Oh, Lyndsey! Noooo." And then my Dad ridiculed me for making a big deal over a three year difference.

All in all I am probably going to have to pass, although age is the last of the reasons why. Really it was just interesting to hear the different opinions on the topic. It makes me wonder what other great info I could probe out of prospective readers.

Here is one: How soon is too soon? I'll let you fill in the blanks.


vincent said...

Reading your argument on a 23 year old having a tattoo I had one question...wouldn't an older girl still have that tattoo from when she was 23?

Brad said...

A very interesting topic, especially for my family. My first and closest cousin is 25, and she is currently seriously dating a 45 year old recently divorced man. She has been with him for over a year now. She is an extremely normal person who is very easy to talk to, and he is a funny, genuine guy.

The point I am trying to make is that my entire very critical family has come to the conclusion overtime that age is just a number when you are HAPPY!