Thursday, December 10, 2009

Real Winter

I have been so cranky about the cold. I lost my ice scrapper and had to use a cd case. Four men, who were supposed to be salting the street stood around laughing at me as I pranced around in my heals. I asked them if they had one I could borrow and they all shrugged and said no and continued to watch me laughing.

I wanted to tell them to help or get the hell away from me. I hadn't had my coffee yet. They were lucky I wasn't lethal.

I have been cranky but then today I remembered that for a while I lived in what felt like the coldest place on Earth. In Russia, we walked around in snow, on unsalted, ice-covered cobblestone streets in below freezing temperatures - every. single. day. And we didn't think anything of it. It just was the way it was.

So today as I walked up the five measly steps outside my office building muttering, "Balls! It is cold," my favorite unladylike expression as of late, I remembered this image and said -

"You Pansy Americanski!"


bigBADbobby said...

If it's okay for women to say, "BALLS!" then what is the male exclamatory equivalent?

vincent said...

it's a double standard. we're not allowed to say anything. trust me.