Monday, December 28, 2009

Holidays Survived

All in all, the holidays had little to no fall out. No tears were shed. Damage to my vehicle was minimal. In an unprecedented occurrence, a six day stay with the family did not involve a single hang-over and bed times were, on average, no later than 11:00p.m. central standard time.

I was slightly delusional from the constant influx of Alka-Seltzer into my system but I suppose that was better for me that some other self-medicating options.

I was worried the break would be too short. It was just long enough. I even made it to church - kind of.

I did manage to get one slightly inappropriate Christmas gift and one that only appeared to be inappropriate at first glance, though it turned out to be innocent and addictive.

I ate too much and worked too much for a vacation but the two somehow evened each other out. Many movies were watched and books on CD listened to.

There were lots of hugs, though there is always room for more of those.

The holidays came and went without much brew-ha-ha, which was just fine by me. There will be plenty of that in the coming month.

I will be glad to usher in the new year, thankful for all the blessings I had in this one.

Now I am sleepy, tucked in my bed, without any sugar plums dancing in my head, ready to settle in for a long, "the holidays are over", nap.

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