Saturday, November 14, 2009

Afternoons with V

A couple months ago, V and I got into a fight, a big fight. The kind of fight that makes me so angry I can’t speak because I know if I do something really nasty is going to come out. This kind of fighting can only be done with people I really love. My parent, my best friends – my family.

V and I didn’t talk for almost a month. We are both stubborn and a wee bit passive aggressive and really, really adverse to confrontation.

When we finally saw each other it was awkward, mainly because he was nervous and I was pompous.

“What?” I said, “I was done being pissed a day after the argument.” Which was true, accept that as fine as I was, I wasn’t going to make the first move towards reconciliation. I was hell bent to wait it out. I was trying to prove a point and I think I was successful but it probably would have just been easier if I would have caved.

Like any family, within the time it took to drink one chocolate martini, all was better and have been since.

V is my buddy and I missed him terribly during our “break”. He gives good hugs and cuddles and tells me I am “crawesome”. He is my go to event helper and amusing drunk-dialer. He brings me coffee at work on the days when I am super cranky.

Today we took advantage of the crappy weather and took in an afternoon movie. I had not done that in ages and we went all out, popcorn, Milk Duds AND Twizzlers. It was delightfully gluttonous.

The movie was okay but the company rocked. Every gal should get herself a NSGGBF.

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Nightmare said...

do you want to do a dating advice segment or a what not to do on Black Sky Radio? I'd love to have you on!