Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Girl's Night Turkey Night

Wednesday night was Thanksgiving with the girls.

I miss them. Even sitting there on Shortstack’s couch, feeling sublimely full and sleepy, I missed them. We had been on a stretch of regular, if not constant, togetherness - my own little Sex and the City (which we watched as we ate desert).

A lot has happened in the last few months. New jobs and job hunting, trips and achievements, break-ups and engagements. We have been a busy lot. And when the holidays are over and projects are complete I hope we can find time for more regular togetherness. And yet I know that growing apart is not necessarily growing out of each other’s hearts. Because for all the friends I have left in all the cities I have passed through, the friendships that matter, the friendships that last, never fade in my heart or memory.

“I love you girls” Shortstack crooned as she cleared the dishes from her coffee table.

There was no drama in the evening, no long winded antidotes. Just exhaustion and gluttony and the comfort of good friends.

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