Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blog Bonding

Today my boss and I bonded over blogging. This was a big step and I suppose if my boss ever read this it might jeopardize whatever progress I perceived us to have made (let alone my job security) but I am betting on a lack of readership and moving forward.

So as I was saying, we bonded. Our relationship has been tenuous, airing on the side of uncomfortable.

You know how dogs sniff each others rears when they first meet each other as a way of trying to figure each other out? Well, I have always had the sense that my boss got a whiff of me before I even pulled into the parking lot and while whatever I wear might not have been completely offensive, it certainly wasn't a pleasant experience either.

I am a pain in the ass, type A, demanding and stubborn as hell. I also genuinely believe I am good at what I do and care passionately for our cause.

This has always been the defining stronghold as I navigated the treacherous waters (God - cliche much!!!, Oh, hell it is true) of employment - a true admiration for the dedication of our fearless leaders.

The great thing about life is that it is always full of surprises - (Seriously, I am hitting this out of the cliche ballpark. Yep, there I go again!) Anyway, just when you think you have a situation figured out, a seemingly impossible perception shift can take place.

My Dad always called it an attitude adjustment, as in "You'd better be gettin' yourself an attitude adjustment or I'll be adjusting it for you!"

So I have been attempting what I would argue is less of an attitude adjustment and more the aforementioned shift in perspective, a subtle but distinct difference.

And I will welcome it in all forms of workplace bonding, whether it be over blogging or sneaking out of a meeting to steal the last of the M&M's.

And hopefully even after writing this I will still have a job in which to do said bonding.

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