Thursday, August 6, 2009

Suck it.

I am going to cry. I am a smart girl. I know I am. My Mommy told me so. But sometimes I am such an uncontrollable dumb ass I just want to cry.

I get going to fast, doing too much. Multi-tasking out of every available orifice and I do stupid things like hand labeling, stuffing, sealing and stamping 300+ donation request letters without including the donation level description page. This is the 4th event I have planned at my work. This is the third time I have done this.

My boss is very sweet about it. She reminded me that she has done stupid things like this too and that we are all so busy and so understaffed it is understandable but it has become obvious that I suck at mundane activities.

Juggling throngs of self-indulgent performers – fine. Handling crowd control when Will Smith rents out your venue for his kids birthday party – not a problem. Getting on a plane, landing in a completely foreign city with no friends, no plan and almost no money – no big deal.

Sitting behind a desk and stuffing envelopes till my hand bleed – clearly not my skill set.

I blame KCUR, Walt Bodine and his attempt to understand what Emo means.

Now I am cranky and going home to do dishes. This night gets better and better.

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