Tuesday, August 18, 2009

That Mommy...She's a smart one

I just got off the phone with my Mom. I shared with her the details of the lengthy official rejection letter I found in my mailbox today. Oh! It somehow stings a little more when it shows up in a page and half length form! While I appreciate the thoroughness of the rejection, it was on par with getting dumped – once the words “We’re over” have been uttered I really don’t need to drag out the agony.

This is not agony. I am just being melodramatic. I guess I am a bit more bummed than I thought I would be. Anyway, my mom and I chatted and she said not to give up. I thought she was just doing that maternal, non-specific 'tomorrow will be better' pep-talk but she said, “You have a really great idea and you will find a place for it.”

I think that might have been the nicest thing she has ever said about my work. Of course she raves about what I do but she is my mom - she doesn’t have a choice. This made me feel like she really got what I was trying to say with the piece – she doesn’t always get my work – and she had an invested interest in seeing it come to fruition.

It all still sucks. I am still bummed. I see some serious pouting in my future but is just the beginning for this piece and like all things I have ever really loved it is going to take a little bit of suffering before the real beauty of it all will see the light.

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