Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It is too freaking early

I am not a morning person. I try but alas, I hit the snooze for at least an hour before I grunt myself out of bed and stand in the shower for at least 15 minutes waiting to be revived out of my dream state. This is problematic because I am always running 15 minutes late. I tell myself I am going to get up and run but I know better. The only thing that would tear me out of my feather bed of coziness is a steaming pot of coffee.

I have been thinking about this in reference to the dating world and relationships. I have joked for quite some time that I am never getting married until I can have a house big enough so that we can each have our own wings. I have been reading a lot about city couples who have their own apartments across the hall from one another and really that doesn’t sound half bad.

This isn’t entirely out of a selfish need for personal space. This is about the well being and sanity of any future life mate I might have.

I barely function before 10 am. I drink the orange juice strait from the carton. I frequently have several electronic devices on at the same time at different volumes so that I can alternate when I get bored. I mutter obscenities at myself, my wardrobe, my food. And I fall down. A lot.

Everyone has their quirks. That is why the world of online dating amuses me so. I mean basically, people are trying to draft their own baseball card, with the stats and figures that best convey their averages so that they can swap and trade and hopefully find a suitable match. But really if people had to write the whole truth and nothing but the truth, how many first dates do you think would really happen?

We don’t want to know the whole truth, not at first, maybe not ever and if enhanced personal space can prolong the mystery just a little bit, maybe it is not such a bad idea.

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