Friday, August 7, 2009


Well now I’ve done it. I have gone and stuck my foot in it. Repeatedly. Oh this inter-web-thingy is a tricky beast, always getting you in trouble and this little blog of mine was just bound to bite me in the butt eventually.

It seemed like such a perfectly pleasant Friday afternoon. I had had a great morning, attending my bazillionth networking event to finally have it payoff with significant gains for my company. My boss was pleased, I was motivated and the rest of the afternoon flew by.

Before I took off for the evening to meet some friends for a night of debauchery, I checked in to my blog site to see if I had any updates. And there they were, comments from the crowd. And one was none too happy. I suppose that was a risk I took in publishing emails but – hey, I thought they were funny. And this got me thinking, thinking about thinking about what people think about me. I have had a tendency throughout my life to put an awful lot of stock other people’s opinions. The older I am the less I worry because I have given up the need to have everyone like me. Oh, I am still rampant with insecurity and try my best to make sure that most people do but sometimes you just got to give it up.

So someone was not pleased and maybe it wasn’t very nice of me. I should probably apologize but I won’t. I am pretty sure any irate emails that get sent out into the virtual universe are fair game.

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