Friday, September 25, 2009

Blind Date - Part 2

Okay, I wasn’t going to do this. I had thought about it and decided the decent thing to do would be to refrain, but kids, the world must know (or at least the 20 people who read this blog) that stalkerrificness is never ok.

I am fairly sure that my account of the evening is going to be quite different than those of the other individuals involved, including my girlfriend who set it up but you must not listen to her as she is filled with lies.

Let me start by saying that my ‘date’ goes by the moniker BLOW JOB.

“It’s Brian but everybody calls me BJ, as in Blow JOB.” Yep.

Blow Job, to be fair, was a nice enough guy. He made pleasant conversation, however, he did look at me with googily eyes from time to time that kind of freaked me out.

As I had mentioned previously, my date had researched me and the first words out of his mouth when I arrived were about my blog. He google stalked me – fair enough. I am highly googleable and it is my own fault for putting it on the internet and setting a precedent for honesty for the evening but he just knew to much and it was just, well creepy.

I mean, I know that I am going to write about our exploits but it kind of ruins the fun when my subject has the heads up.

But we chatted and like I said, it was decent enough. Nothing that made me want to start planning a walk down the aisle, but at least it was not excruciating. When we parted company, I was left thinking it wasn’t the most horrible quasi-date I had ever been on but nothing I really wanted to go through again.

And this, my friends, is where the evening started to get interesting. Up until this point I was thinking that I would probably forgo writing about the date because he seemed like an ok-enough human being.

But then the contact began.

Within 1 hour of our parting he had logged onto my website and used the contact feature to send me the following email.

“I am far removed from this, so I apologize for my indiscretion. You are inordinate which is very refreshing. If you are going to be around this weekend please give me a call. Have a good night!”

While clearly there were some inappropriate word choices, most likely made through the use of, I appreciated the effort, as futile as it may be.

However, an hour later I got a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize and then around 11pm I got the following text message – “My apologies 4 not asking 4 you number and getting it off your site.”

He contacted me 3 times with in 4 hours of meeting me.

Kids, let this be a lesson to us all. Stalking, no matter how innocent the motivation is never ok. One follow up post-date is sweet. Three or more gets you blacklisted.

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