Saturday, September 12, 2009

Suicidal Smerf

I am covered in blue paint. It is the third color of paint I have tried. I am beginning to think blue is not my color.

I am on day...I don't know what...of my anti-social binge and I have launched into a marathon of DIY projects that has me questioning my sanity. At this point it might be easier to move than to clean up the mess I have made.

My kitchen is filled with styrofoam, my living room is covered with half-finished sewing projects that have migrated into my dining area, the contents of my hall closet are in, well, my hall and my bedroom looks like a suicidal smerf blue his blue brains out all over my walls.

I am exhausted but I am so far gone, at this point I feel like I have to finish and that means at least another week of anti-social behavior.

This must be what nesting feels like.


To top it off, I woke up with the desire to date. I don't want to date - then I really have to clean up my shit-hole of an apartment.

I know I am in a pissy mood when I can't even be bothered to sensor my potty mouth as I write. I want to have a moment of Toret's at the top of my lungs. Maybe that'll get this mood out of my system.

I think I should have just pulled the blankets over my head until this went away. DIY is not the answer. And either is boys.

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