Saturday, September 19, 2009


“You intrigue me. I want your stories. No blog”

I wasn’t sure if this was a request or a statement alluding to a lack of interest/

I figured if he didn’t want me to post anything he would have been more specific.

Wishful thinking but if my parents, my boss and my friends aren’t safe then no one is.

He lingers in the land between business acquaintance and friend and I am hoping if I play my cards right he will move into a whole other category…mentor. - Jeez people! Not everything is about my love life or lack there of. Sometimes it is about meeting people who will help me exploit said lack of booty and Mr. Undefined is just the kind of creative inspiration a girl like me needs.

In fact my interactions with the opposite sex have been heavily supplemented by men providing occupational opportunities – hey now!– for no other reason than they like my work.

Hallelujah Midwest! Decent men do exist and they can be supportive and friendly and effusively in love with their wives and children. Think about it, if more women had friendships or work relationships with dudes who gushed about their families, think how many fewer women would tolerate doucebags? Women would have more representations of what good guys look like and hopefully wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Regardless, someone likes my ramblings and is interested in them as art.

I am pleased.

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