Sunday, September 20, 2009

Buddy System

It is a well known fact that women will tolerate a lot of crap from the men they are dating but will tolerate next to nothing from the significant others of their nearest and dearest. A woman might let a man walk all over her, cheating, lying and the rest of it but if he pulls that crap on her best-friend, he might as well stop by a vet and sign up to be neutered.

All of this to say that when a guy does right by a girl and even better, does right by her girl friends there are high marks all around.

Recently I had the opportunity to interact with a fellow that my girl is seeing. It wasn't the first time the three of us hit the town. It had happened once before on an evening when he came to join us for a girls night out. Only minutes before, I had decided to adios someone I had once loved, and for a dude he handled the evening in a very undudelike manner. In fact, he behaved so well that I deemed him part of girls club, which by all girlfriend accounts should be worth at least 3 gold stars.

A while had passed and my girlfriend and my new, um...other girlfriend had taken some time figuring out the potential snags in their theoretical relationship. I would have said just go for it but fortunately for them the decision wasn't mine.

None the less, they eventually started to work out their 'stuff' and we all got together for an evening in suburbia.

He was cuter than I remembered. Maybe because I wasn't spending all my time grilling him to make sure he wasn't going to screw over my friend.

The fun if the evening began to overtake us and n a fashion that only my dear friend could pull off, a live DJ turned into karaoke when she stole the mic from the guy spinning and began serenading the crowd.

I couldn't leave her hanging - especially since we were in the burbs and there were so many people to freak out....

But you see I had a problem - a giant, heavy, gold, bedazzled problem.

I couldn't be expected to shake my groove thing while carrying a giant purse.... And it wasn't like man friend was doing anything.

Thus we entered the moment of truth. I know, I know, making a guy particularly one who isn't your boyfriend - hold your purse is truly emasculating if not at least embarrassing but I couldn't resist.

And so I handed it over and went to boogie with my girl.

I glanced back a time or two to see if he had abandoned us but every time I looked up I caught him, smiling at us, staring at her. I couldn't have been more happy if I was still carrying my own purse and I had puppy dog eyes baring down at me.

Now I am not saying this guy is perfect. Nor am I saying I won't cause him pain if he hurts my friend, but for now I have to say he is a-ok in my book and I hope they give it ago.

At least then I won't have to waste time looking for a coat check.

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Trish said...

Can we get a photo of said bedazzled purse?