Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ink Break

Have you ever had an “I know!” conversation?

One of those conversations, where you can’t say anything without the other person saying, “Wow, that sounds just like me!”

It is a little freaky. I say this only because I generally consider myself an odd duck and when I come across other odd ducks, I begin to worry about the fate of our universe. Too many odd ducks and what will become of the human race? I am goin’ with divine bliss or total anarchy – either way it would be an interesting ride.

I had a lovely lunch to day with a handsome young gentleman who I met through a mutual friend. (One who is probably reading this now, hopefully not too embarrassed that I called him a: handsome or b: young.) And even though it was a business meeting it was a welcomed break from a florescent lit, rat-raced day.

I have noticed in a generation of young people who are often discontent with their above average existences that it is rare to sit with someone and talk about how much you love your life. You are supposed to have something to bitch about right? Something is supposed to suck.

And yet today I got to talk with someone who likes his life, loves his job and is content in his own single relationship status. When I looked at him, it felt like looking in a mirror – a mirror with a beard.

It was entertaining and enlightening and totally relaxing . Just what I needed - you know, accept for the part where I repeatedly spilled corn salsa on my chest, my acute awareness of a tendency to talk with my mouthful and my dire need to pee throughout the entire 2 hour lunch.

See there! I totally have something to bitch about.

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