Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Up in the club, doin' my own lil thang

So, so sleepy and so, so awake. I keep thinking about the fact that I walked out of a bar in suburbia tonight with a couple of girlfriends in tow and a table of people turned to us and started singing, "All the single ladies. All the single ladies."

I was half tempted to turn around and tell them if they wanted to continue, they had better put a ring on it but the joke felt a bit passe after all these months.

Must sleep. Instead I am contemplating my girlfriends and our adventures in singledom.

I have decided I might do an experiment and try out the different dating patterns of my girlfriends to see if I come up with any new revelations in the process.

I might get lessons in cyberstalking both pre and post date or the advantages of only dating people who are absolutely unattainable. Or as I learned tonight, what happens when you call a date out on their BS straight from the get go. "Mommy issues anyone???"

Something about the game of it all makes the idea of dating a little less, well, yuck.

I am just going to consider it an ethnographic exploration into the village of that strange creature called MAN.

We will see what happens.

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