Monday, September 7, 2009


I think, children, that we need to have a conversation. A conversation about Transparency.

Dating in any city is difficult but in this technologically advanced age, truth is always at your fingertips. Bad boys beware. You will be found out and you will go home alone. To this point, I have the following requests:

If you are going to cheat on your significant other, please do not look for someone to do it with on It sullies up the future of on-line dating for all of us desperate girls everywhere.

If you are going to ask me on a date AND to be your facebook friend, make sure you aren’t telling the world that you are currently, “in a relationship.” This will result in me blocking your facebook, email and phone calls.

If you are going to send other girls pictures of your you-know-what, please don’t do it with your camera phone and then show the pics off. This just makes you a moron.

Respectfully abiding by these requests will make you a lot less of a douche and will greatly enhance the chance of you getting some.

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